Thursday, January 14, 2010

THK Associates (Private) Limited: Shares Registrar

THK Associates (Pvt) Limited was formed in 1989. The company is engaged in providing specialized services relating to the corporate sector and in particular acts as share transfer agent for a number of companies.
THK Associates (Pvt) Limited is one of the leading service provider of Share Registrar, Transfer Agent, Balloters for IPO’s and Share Accounting Services and is managed and run by a set of professionals having indepth knowledge and expertise of organizing and managing diversified corporate activities including depository related Share Registrar activities.

THK Associates (Pvt) Limited, previously an associate of KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co., has been restructured in terms of requirements of Clause XL of the Code of Corporate Governance and the shareholding of THK partners has been divested in the year 2004.

Mr. Yunus Dawood, Chief Executive of DYL Motorcycle Limited, a shareholder and Director was appointed as Chairman of the Company in 2008.

Mr. Javed Iqbal, former Chairman and Managing Director of Philips Pakistan Limited, a Shareholder and Director was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Company in 2004.

Mr. Shabbir Abid Shaikhali, who has been with THK as a Senior Manger since inception (1989) has been elected as one of the Directors of the company and is the Chief Operating Officer of the Company.

Board Of Directors
Yunus Dawood - Chairman / Director & Chief Executive of DYL Motorcycles Ltd
Javed Iqbal FCMA (UK) - Chief Executive (former Chairman/Managing Director, Philips Pakistan)
Shabbir Abid Shaikali - Chief Operating Officer / Director

Senior Management
Asghar Abbas - Senior Manager Operations
Syed Aqeel Hasan Abdi - Deputy Manager Operations
Muhammad Shokaib Khan - Manager Information Technology
Abdul Hameed - Deputy Manager Operations
Ms. Nighat Sultana - Assistant Manager Corporate
Abdul Jabbar - Assistant Manager Admin /Accounts


State Life Insurance Policy said...

I have purchased 200 HBL shares but still not received any dividend till date, even shares has been increased as bonus shares 90 HBL shares. now I have 290 HBL shares but THK didn't send me nay dividend amount. Kindly help me in this regard.

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Sanaullah said...

I have purchased 100 shares of HBL but THK has not sent me any dividend and bonus shares for year 2012. Plz help me and send the same without further delay.
Sanaullah Nasim

shahidkhan yousufzai said...

sir i have 20000 shares of nbp i sold it on 27 march 2014 after its xdate but still i dont receive my dividend.
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